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The Queenswood Newsliner,, which first appeared in September 1968, was conceived as a paper to provide a community service. “Our Aim is to provide the people of Queenswood with the news about Queenswood, its development, activities and services. To be a paper for Queenswood, about Queenswood”. stated  the first edition, by editor Lem Murphy.

People Behind the Newsliner

The Newsliner had many volunteers involved in all aspects of production and distribution, some of whom are still in the area while others have moved away, and it is impossible to name them all here, but we will mention a few long timers. The Newsliner was originally produced on a Gestetner in Lem Murphy’s basement at 35 Sault Street next door to the assistant editor Helen Tweddle.  Helen was involved in the Newsliner’s production from its inception spanning 38 years, first as assistant editor then editor to 2006. The archives of old Newsliners provided a solid base for preserving the history of the Queenswood community.  Joan White was involved with the Newsliner  for 27 years doing artwork and handling the business briefs and classified ads. Another long time contributor to the paper is Madeline Wilson who was involved in organizing the collation and distribution for the past 22 years.

Local groups submitted any and all information as needed. The Mayor, Councillors, Trustees and other local elected officials were all invited to submit articles either monthly or as needed.

Scanned copies of the Queenswood Newsliner

  • 1980s

     QHNL 1980’s
  • june-1980vol13-no6
  • may-1980-vol13-no5
  • november-1980-vol13-no9
  • october-1980-vol13-no8
  • qhnl-april-1980 qhnl-jan-1980
  • september-1980-vol13-no7


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