Neighbourhood Watch Program

What is it?

Neighbourhood Watch is a community driven program to help neighbours watch out for neighbours supported by The Ottawa Police Service. It aims to get citizens involved in discouraging and preventing crime at the local level. The ultimate success of Neighbourhood Watch depends largely on commitment and cooperation between area residents and the police – and more importantly, between area residents themselves.

As part of the program, Neighbourhood Watch members learn:

  • How to work together with neighbours and police to prevent and discourage crime in the neighbourhood.
  • How to make their home a less inviting target for criminal activity by participating in a free of charge Home Security Inspection program by Ottawa Police volunteers at your request.
  • How to participate in the Operation Identification program.
  • How to recognize and report suspicious activity in the neighbourhood.


  • Promote crime prevention awareness and activities.
  • Establish and maintain effective avenues of communication between Neighbourhood Watch coordinators, members and the police.
  • Provide a forum for coordinators and police officers to present and discuss current criminal and crime prevention activities.

Visit the Ottawa Police Neighbourhood Watch website for all current information, tools and resources.

How to set Up Neighbourhood Watch