Queenswood Heights Recreation Committee (Q.H.R.A.)

The QHRA consists of representatives of Queenswood Heights Recreation organizations and individual residents who promote and coordinate recreation activities in Queenswood Heights.  The QHRA operates the rinks in winter and  cooperates with Tennis and Ball to provide summer park supervision, represents residents  on parks, nature trails, and Community Centre operations and programs.  It also provides access to the Community Centre through the Key Agents on week nights and provides representation to the City of Ottawa.

Find out about City of Ottawa Athletics, sports and leisure group here.


Queenswood Heights Community Centre and Centennial Park (1485 Duford Drive) 613-824-7458

The Community Centre has a hall with a capacity for 180, with 2 meeting rooms, (capacity 15 and 40) and a general change room area, used in summer and winter to service Tennis and the rink area in Centennial park.

Centennial park Facilities:

3 Har tru (clay) lit tennis courts; Playground and fenced Tot lot; water play area; 2 lit outdoor rinks  one hockey, one pleasure rink/multipurpose area; T ball and adult ball diamond;  toboggan hill; adjacent to Queenswood Public School which has Soccer a field and playground equipment The largest hockey rink and the only clay courts in Orleans are located at Centennial park.


Ravine Park (Duford Drive)

Facilities: Soccer field; softball and T ball diamonds; nature trails; adjacent to Reine des Bois school which has playground equipment and fitness stations

Kinsella Park (Prestwick Drive)

Facilities: Field house;  4 lit Plexipave Tennis Courts;  2 outdoor rinks one lit Hockey/multipurpose area; one lit pleasure rink/adult ball diamond area; Playground equipment and soccer field at adjacent schools (Dunning Foubert and Our Lady of Wisdom); tball diamond; soccer field; toboggan hill

Queenswood Ridge Park (Kennedy Lane East and Tompkins )

Facilities: Field house; 2 lit outdoor rinks  one hockey/multipurpose area, one pleasure/water play area; Playground and fenced Tot lot; lit ad ult ball diamond; full size soccer field; toboggan hill; jogging track

Yves Richer Park (Des Epinettes Avenue)

Facilities: Little League Baseball diamond:  fenced tot lot/playground equipment; nature trails

Cardinal Farms Park (Des Epinettes and Wildflower)

Facilities: soccer field; fenced tot lot and playground equipment; jogging track;  nature trails

Mayfair Park (Roxdale Avenue & Prestwick Drive)

Facilities: Pocket park